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This is a directory of string quartets available for hire for weddings, corporate events, recitals and other functions. Our directory makes it easy to book professional, reliable string quartets for corporate events, presentations,String Quartet Regent weddings, private functions, backing musicians, recording sessions, recitals, funerals, wakes & memorials, and many others. Wedding string quartets are our specialty.

Is There A String Quartet That Performs In Your Area?

There are a wide range of String Quartets featured on this website, covering most areas of the UK. If there is not a quartet available in your area, we will endeavour to source the nearest one to you. All have spent many years mastering their art and all are very experienced and fully qualified.
Please feel free to browse through
String Quartet Directory to find a quartet to suit your event. Alternatively, complete our enquiry form and we will send you a free no obligation quote for the string quartets closest to you, as soon as possible.

When Should You Book Your String Quartet?

In many areas of the country, the demand for quartets far exceeds their availability and it can be very difficult to find yourself a reasonably priced one, unless you book well in advance. If you find a quartet you like and at a price you are happy with, we strongly suggest you book them as soon as possible. All bookings made through us are contracted to give you peace of mind.

Short Notice Bookings!

If you have left it to the last minute and you need a quartet at short notice, then contact us. We have a large selection of to choose from and therefore, we are more likely to be able to provide one for you.

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Wedding String Quartet

One of the most popular types of entertainment for a civil ceremony, drinks reception or wedding breakfast is a Wedding String Quartet. The best time for the string quartet to perform during the wedding ceremony is while your guests are arriving, play the brides entrance piece as she walks up the aisle, during the signing of the register, the recessional piece as the bride and groom go back up the aisle and then they continue to play while the wedding guests leave the civil ceremony room or church. If you book a Wedding String Quartet, then it will surely enhance the atmosphere and make the event that much more special.
Wedding String Quartets will perform a wide range of background music for your drinks reception and or wedding breakfast. This will include a selection of classical music, modern chart music, as well as golden oldies like The Beatles. If you are looking to make your wedding truly memorable then hiring a Wedding String Quartet is the way to go.


String Quartet London To Play For Events In The City


When looking for String Quartet London, you will not be stuck for choice. There is a wide selection of professional string quartets that cover the London area. So much so, that if you need a string quartet you can usually find one with the image you require. It may be that you want a London String Quartet that is young and contemporary, a mature more experienced quartet or something smart and more refined. Just look through our many string quartets that cover London, view their photo's, biography and repertoire. In most cases when searching for String Quartet London you will also have the opportunity of  listening to sound clips of each string quartet and view a sample of their repertoire.


String Quartet Resources


These ensembles are made up of a combination of four stringed instruments, which normally comprise a viola, two violins and a cello, though this can vary. The violin is the smallest of the instruments and the viola is very similar, just slightly larger. Both are played in the same way, holding one end in the hand and the other end under the chin. A bow is then drawn across the strings to create the desired sound. Obviously itís a tad more complicated than that, but thatís the basics.

The cello is much larger, though very similar in shape. This is played by placing one end on the ground and the other end held by one hand. Again, a bow is drawn across the strings to play it.


The string quartet is the most prolific of all classical ensembles and many of the talented composers through history have written music scores specifically designed to be played by string quartets. These include; Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Brahms and many more.


The famous composer Joseph Haydn is widely considered to be the original person to set out the string quartet in its classic traditional form. Joseph was an Austrian who lived from 1732 until 1809 which made him 77 years old at the time of his death. A very long life at that time in history!


Derivatives of the standard string quartet include a string trio which would normally consist of a Cello, Viola and one Violin, or a string quintet, which is made up of a standard quartet with the addition of a another viola, cello or even a double base.

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